Sales Representative: Fred Drees

Fred DreesFred Drees
Sales Representative for Western Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

I am Hybels’ first sales representative. I have been with Hybels for over 30 years.
I cover Western Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.
My wife of more than 40 years and we have two daughters. One is a midwife running a birth center in Rogers, AR. and the other is married to Rob Waters, who covers the balance of the Southeast for Hybels.

My favorite pastime is spending time with my two granddaughters.  I love to work and know that my customers are the main reason for my success.  I also broker and represent several other live goods companies.


Contact Information

Local: 901-380-5930
Fax: 901-380-5931
Cellular: 901-481-5522